Monday, October 22, 2012

Marionberry Jam label FREE printable

I finished the label for my batch of Marionberry Jam.  I hope the people of the internet enjoy it as much as I do.  I can't wait to post pictures of the completed jam with the labels attached. Its going to be great!

Marionberry Jam Label

Marionberry Jam Labels (Click Here)

Friday, October 19, 2012

FREE printable jam labels

I am making Jam based off of a newly posted recipe tutorial on

I want to make marionberry and rasberry flavor.  I made my own labels that print perfectly on avery labels.   I have made them available in PDF to print if you want.   So this is my first FREE PRINTABLE!  So exciting!

Raspberry Jam Labels (Click Here)

Coming soon marionberry!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Today I was able to go to my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE STORE!  Its called "STASH"  it is in Walla Walla and it is the most beautiful place on the earth.  I walk through the doors and im like - exhale - Im home!

Its in down town walla walla and its a pretty long space,  FULL of beautiful fabric,  not the cheap stuff,  but super soft 100 percent cotton.  I bought a stack of fat quarters and some solid white that felt so soft and good.  I want to throw them up in the air and dance as they fall on me. 

I'm taking my best friend on a Walla Walla vacation in a few a weeks,  we will be hiting the highlights. 

whitman mission
aviary at pioneer park
the frenchtown monument
fort walla walla
and im not gonna lie we will probably get some sweet basils pizza too,  because its amazing.

and my friend, has never been to walla walla!  Im so excited to show her this wonderful town.  You know it was named the friendliest town in america!  I have found that to be true.

wanna see the sweet stash I purchased at Stash!

If you read that second link,  the part about TULA PINK.  I totally went to that and I totally met her and she is totally amazing. 

ok heres the fabric I bought today I dont know yet what I will make from it but I love the balloons so much!

these photos were taken on my kitchen table,  which was one of my recent projects.  I dont have pictures but picture in your mind. . .  a tall table,  and then picture it short. . . I totally sawed off the legs with my power saw.   It turned out great.  Im liking it!
I though it would be more safe,  you know with kids falling off of barstools onto the hard tile floor,  but it actually just made it more accesible for my baby to climb up on top and try to fall off.  You can't win sometimes.  Im just like praying that my kids survive their childhood in on piece.   Some days I just have to say to myself,  your kids are alive,  so you did good today. 
I found this on my computer.  Sadly I don't remember where this came from.  But isnt it great?

The wreath. . . the pumpkins and my dirty laundry

I finally got around to putting up a wreath on my door and I have some pumpkins setting out there too.  Its such a nice feeling to have a wreath,  I feel like one of those organized people ;)  and its about time too.

I have been caught up in one of the crazy whirlwinds,  you know, like have you ever heard the expression. . "when it rains it pours"  Me and my family have been having a crazy time.  I'm not sure if I should put the long or short version up here,  since I have a readership of one and its my sister.  Plus I already told her the everything on the phone everyday.   I'll just put the short version of it I guess,  for little sisters sake. 

In the beginning of September I started hemorrhaging and ended up in the emergency room and in surgery,  I spent an entire week thinking I had cancer and feeling like I wouldn't be around to raise my children.  I got test results back and was cancer free (for baby boys 1st birthday)  a pretty good gift I think!  Then as I was recovering I had this run in with a crazy person I would rather not put details about.  I had whiplash from an almost accident (thankfully not an actual accident) My husbands grandfather passed away,  and I caught what seems like whooping cough but is not (Ive been tested and I'm off the hook for that one)  however I have been sick for 35 days and I still cough until I . . . well you can guess what I do, as long as you don't guess poop.  Come on people have some class.  Ill just write it,  I puke.  Its the worst.  but now that I see that it fits into a snug little paragraph it doesn't seem to be quite so bad,  but this is the short version,  I could go on,  but really I'm just not going to.  I'm so ready to move on.  My mother is the one who saved my and drove me as i passed out to the ER>  I couldn't see at the time but it felt like I was being driven to kadlec by Vin diesel.  And my mother is also the one who watched my children along with friends and family.  and my home teachers mowed my lawn,  oh and my DAD mowed my lawn. . .  WITH A CENTRAL LINE IN HIS HEART.  The whole thing has been so humbling having everyone do all the things I should be doing.  I used to feel like crap because I would work so hard and get nothing done.  now that I actually can't do ANYTHING I see that I did a lot before.  I feel this overwhelming feeling of gratitude mixed with shame for all the charity that has been offered to me.   Its embarrassing to me,  I know that I shouldn't be,  but truly it is.  I have had my house cleaned, dinner brought in,  kids sleep over/taken to school for me, gardening help, yard mowed, giant bowl of muffins (you know who you are) and I just can't even tell you kindness I have received. 

Sorry no pictures of bleeding to death or people mowing my lawn for me.  It would be pretty classy if I did have that.  If someone else tries to mow my lawn again I will definitely snap a photo of that!

Heres the wreath! 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Installing My Own Strike Plate for the Front Door

This was one of those quick beginner projects.  So satisfying!   It took 10 minutes!

Just think what it will look like with a wreath. . . .